Calcium Hexaboride

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Formula: CaB6, CAS No.: 12007-99-7. It is dark grey to black powder or bulk. The Vickers hardness is 9, density is 2.33 g/cm³. The melting point is at 2,200℃. It is stable at high temperatures in air and not soluble in HCl, Hydrofluoric acid and diluted H2SO4. It does not react with water, but it can be etched by strong oxidant such as Cl, F, HNO3 and H2O2. The reaction with alkali is slow.


Purity Moisture
95% min 1.0% max

  ★ Deoxidizer in high conductivity copper
  ★ Production of high purity borides
  ★ Oxidation resistant MgO-C refractory
  ★ Advanced semiconductor material
  ★ Raw material for boron alloys
25 kg per fiber drum or 1 kg per Al-plastic bag (vacuum) and 25 kg per iron drum.
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